X-Men: First Class

Matthew Vaughn, Bad Hat Harry Productions, 2011
  • I love how it plays out very similar to a spy movie, and it’s clear that Vaughn was heavily influenced and inspired by early Bond films. Even the end credits are particularly Bond-like and groovy.”

    Carson Patrick, Critiquing Cinema to the Public
  • I liked that the end credits graphics had a ’60s feel to them. Nice touch to stay in the time period.”

  • The animated end credits wittily evoke the “X,” as well as chromosomes and Bond title sequences.”

    Newcity Film
  • Henry Jackman’s music score is reminiscent of early Bond scores and the end credits sequence recalls the opening credits of ‘Dr. No.’”

    Jim Dixon, Fanboys Examiner
  • The scene setting in the cold war era of the 60’s definitely drives that feel of Bond-ness through the movie but it’s not the only thing. Incidental details like the globe-trotting, revenge-fuelled motivations of Lehnsherr lends the air of an espionage/spy thriller and even the look and feel of the end credits is a throwback to the golden age of Bond looking much like the opening credit sequence to ‘Dr No.’”

    That Guy With The Glasses
  • Another enjoyable aspect of "X-Men: First Class was that it had a feel of a mid-’60′s urgent heist movie, and I was thinking that next I’ll watch "Charade"...and then maybe rent "The Italian Job"...”

    Sonia Harris, Committed: Designs on the Future
  • The film’s dazzling split screen edits and Main Titles by Prologue Films and its gorgeous, eye popping end titles by the same company, evoke the atmospheric credit title sequences of the influential title sequence of the great Otto Preminger’s 'The Man With The Golden Arm.'”

    Arlene R. Weiss, Guitar International
  • I was too busy focusing on how much I liked the film...I was also too distracted by the cool '60s style of the end credits...”

    Hookhand, Reddit
  • Excellent, and some superb DNA graphics at the end credits.”

    @SaharaNutter, Twitter
  • ...a lot of people have compared it to James Bond and it did totally have a James Bond feel…even in the end credits I felt I had just watched a Bond.”

    From The Red Carpet
  • In all but name, ‘First Class’ is a Bond movie, from the Cold War scheming of rival superpowers to the script’s plethora of glamorous or treacherous locations — right up to the end, with an animated credits sequence very much in the spirit of Maurice Binder’s work on the Bonds.”

    Richard Corliss, Time
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    Prologue Montage