In 2008, Prologue Films was asked to design the opening, logo, telecast graphics package, and stage screens for the 42nd annual Country Music Association Awards. ABC’s annual CMA Awards are presented to artists and broadcasters in the country genre to recognize their outstanding achievements in the respective industry. The event, hosted by Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, featured performances and award presentations by popular country music artists, distributed in various categories.

Prologue designed the opening and logo for the 42nd CMA awards, paying homage to the roots of the genre, originating in the 1920s, while celebrating the nominated artists. We animated gold plated piano keys that become an abstraction of sorts, evolving into the early letterforms of the logo. Before the logo animates on, smaller forms designed with the same semblance come together revealing names of the years nominated artists and groups. The logo emerges from the extensive list of nominees, taking center frame with flashbulbs bursting ubiquitously. The Prologue typography is complemented with an animated, gold vinyl milieu, commemorating the phonograph records that ruled the commercial music industry from the 1920s to the late 1980s.

The comprehensive graphics package and stage screens share an analogous theme to that of the awards opening and logo. A still of the nominees for the respective accolade were keyed into a circular fixture, adjacent to the typography presenting the name of the award. The photo and type lay over the same modulated grooves of the golden vinyl and stockpile of artist names, animated with a sustained dissolve to integrate both elements. For the stage screen graphics, we composited head shots and stills of the singers into the inscribed, spiral grooves of the record and among the catalogue of names. Both modern and iconic country musicians are featured in the screens, containing the likes of June Carter and Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, Willie Nelson, Carrie Underwood, and a myriad of others that have left their footprints in the history of music.

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