Investigation Discovery

The Investigation Discovery series Fatal Vows traces the arc of tragically flawed marriages from wedded bliss to murder. Prologue designed and directed a series promo that aims to visualize this downward spiral in a way that builds buzz and connects emotionally with the show’s target audience. To create the promo, we partnered with the same team at the fast-growing network for whom we did the Fatal Encounters piece. We worked with the client to develop the strongest possible concept for the promo based on test screenings and marketing research. Collaborating with a seasoned veteran from our stable of writers, we put the script through an intensive development process involving numerous re-writes and edits. As the script evolved, Prologue storyboard artists mapped out everything from camera angles to transitions to lighting. Prologue handled the casting, location scouting, and production design. Our pre-production efforts paid off in a successful one-day shoot with the actors on-location in a house. This was followed by a day of shooting high-speed footage on a Photron of all the slow motion ring shots— crucial to our bookended wedding ring imagery and the transition we designed from rings to handcuffs.