Michael Dinner / NBC


Prologue worked with friend and series exec. producer Michael Dinner to create the main title sequence and poster designs for a print marketing campaign for the NBC series Kidnapped. The show follows an FBI agent and a kidnapping specialist on the hunt for the kidnapped son of a wealthy New York City couple. Our main title design aims to reflect the inner turmoil of the parents’ characters and the heights (or depths) to which the agents must climb in their search for the kidnapped boy. Threatening ransom notes appear in flashes of intentionally generic typefaces, layered over shadowy surveillance footage and cityscapes designed to convey a graphic film-noir look and feel and an element of emotional uncertainty. The camera angles, employing primarily up-shots, are designed to place the viewer in the disconcerting point of view of a kidnapping victim. The poster designs translate this use of point of view to the print medium. One poster encloses the edges of the frame in darkness and allows a single light source to partially illuminate a corner of a room used as a holding cell. Another uses a low angle shot as it leads the eye skyward, where the ad copy appears.

Main Title