NFL Network


Prologue continued its working relationship alongside the NFL with the creation of an intro for one of its more recently popular series NFL Fantasy Live. A show in which analysts break down and give commentary on the week’s upcoming games and the fantasy football ramifications they could have. The intro opens with the shot of a graphic displaying the words ‘Start, Sit’, referring to the show’s popular “Start Em’/Sit Em’’ segment. This is then followed by a series of juxtaposed player profiles containing their pictures and statistics, moving along as if on a conveyor belt. This effect continues with more graphics, containing such key fantasy phrases as ‘waiver wire’, ‘trade’, and ‘Add/Drop’, as well as graphs and pie charts to highlight just how in-depth the show gets with its analyzation. Prominent players such as Payton Manning, Tom Brady and Eddie Lacy are seen in the forefront of a few frames, giving light to this being a show about high-profile athletes from a cast of hosts who know them best.