Gore Verbinski / Paramount Pictures


Prologue created this 2D animated end credit sequence to close Gore Verbinski’s Oscar-winning Rango on an uplifting note. The colorful sequence makes use of the alternate animation style, by making the backgrounds come to life with the music, such as when Rango falls down a pit just as the guitar slides, the background morphs into a guitar neck. Or when horns are introduced into the music, a trumpet-tooting Owl appears in a tunnel that resembles a trumpet. These types of musical touches continue throughout the sequence. The sequence creates a whimsical conclusion to a light-hearted film. 


End Title Sequence


"There is so much eye candy going on in this little tale...I remained impressed til the very end, even remaining in my seat for the artful end credits that were just as much fun."

− Supes, Movieweb

"I’m still waiting for feature animated films to use a style like this for the whole film, not just a few minutes at the end, which seems to be the trend these days. Why not? They’re scared?"

− Max W, Cartoon Brew

"I haven’t seen “Rango”, but I like this end title sequence a lot. Maybe they can at least do a short in this style."

− William Joseph Dunn, Cartoon Brew

"Beautiful, wonderful stuff. The sequence really captures the spirit and energy of the film. My hat’s off to Prologue for their incredible work."

− Ryan, Cartoon Brew

"If you stay through the closing credits (which are cool anyway), you're treated to “The Ballad of Rango” by Los Lobos, because it's inevitable that there had to be a Ballad of Rango."

− Syd Henderson, REELVIEWS

"Don't miss the closing credit sequence - the graphics and music are stunning. This film is gonna win some awards."

− Mark Southern, Facebook

"The closing credits, which revisit sequences from the film in an entirely different style, are gorgeous."

− Molly Templeton, Eugene Weekly

"Depp’s talent is joined by the likes of Ned Beatty, Alfred Molina, Bill Nighy, Harry Dean Stanton and Ray Winstone, among a slew of other talent that goes mostly unnoticed until the gorgeous end credits begin to roll."

− Michael Walsh, The Recorder Online

"The final credits are rendered in a very limited, very well-designed 2-D animation, and as I was walking to my car after the show, I wondered if that style might have suited the movie better. It might have."

− Krell Laboratories

"...by the end of the movie, like Rango, he had fully embraced the Spirit of the West himself and was standing in the aisle of the theatre dancing along to the upbeat Tex-Mex swing of the beautiful hand drawn animated title sequence end credits."

− William Horberg, Inside Stories From A Hollywood Outlier

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