Stephen Sommers / Universal Pictures 


For the film The Mummy Returns, Director Stephen Sommers’ follow-up to The Mummy, Sommers enlisted Kyle Cooper and Imaginary Forces once again to work on the main on end and the end crawl.

The main on end introduces several new visual approaches distinct from those Cooper used in the first film. After opening with an abstracted animated collage of scorpions, the sequence becomes more of a fast-paced 3D fly-through than a 2D scroll, as glimpses of live-action footage of walls and tattered shrouds fade in and out with more ominous lighting effects— as if leading the viewer through a decrepit tomb.

These are composited with CG elements, including ancient Egyptian iconography, various 3D models, and brief flashes of the scorpions from the film. The text animation is also given a more dynamic treatment, as type appears and then flies apart at skewed angles.

End Title