Bryan Singer / 20th Century Fox


For Bryan Singer’s third directorial effort of the X-Men franchise, 2014’s Days of Future Past, he enlisted Prologue for the main title sequence design. We knew that it would be a move through a graphic tunnel, a recurring theme for the X-Men main titles since the first X-Men was released in 2000. In Days of Future Past, robotic, mutant-killing machines known as Sentinels have evolved and exhibit the same transformative abilities as the character Mystique, portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence. Inspired by this, Prologue designed a macro, cinematic move through computer generated DNA strands that are raided by the metallic traits of the Sentinels. The goal was to introduce and show the elemental processes of the Sentinels ability to absorb mutant powers at a nano level. This exploration is combined with an updated tunnel model, motivated by the Sentinels metallic design, along with the main title reveal. Days of Future Past went on to become a worldwide phenomenon, and led to the next collaboration between Singer and Prologue, X-Men: Apocalypse.

Main Title