American Horror Story

  • The opening-credits sequence is pretty scary. It's like the True Blood opening, condensed, unnervingly edited, and more terrifying.”

  • Disturbing. It suits the show perfectly.”

  • Check out the super-creepy opening credits for American Horror Story. I’ve been looking forward to this show for months, and the early buzz is that it’s awesome.”

  • The opening credits are f***ing creepy I think! Love this show so much!”

  • One thing that caught my eye was the title sequence which is pretty interesting. It's a lot like the show itself -loud, intrusive sounds surrounding flashes of weird images. I guess it kind of works.”

  • Today FX released a video to EW showing the opening credits to the show. The opening credits happen in the basement of the house and give viewers clues to the shows story...Kyle Cooper and his company 'Prologue', who also created the fantastic opening scenes for Seven and The Walking Dead, created the opening credits for American Horror Story. After watching the clip I think he nailed it.”

  • F/X has done a great job promoting the show and I can’t wait to check it out. If the spots they have been running and the title sequence are a true tease of what’s to come this will be pretty awesome…”

  • The first piece of the puzzle comes in the form of the show’s opening credits, which evoke a certain Se7en-like experience wherein unpleasant and disturbing images serve as a sort of preamble to the series. Murphy himself described the opening sequence as a mystery unto itself – and that all the images are directly tied to questions that will be answered by the time the ninth episode has aired.”

  • The opening title sequence to American Horror Story is extremely unsettling and a fair warning of the dark proceedings ahead. In other words, both the music and images that we see and hear are utterly perfect for any horror series. There’s a lot of symbolism in the opener and the one-minute sequence actually acts as its own mystery, with key plot points that will be revealed over the course of the first season.”

  • Ooooh! spOO-ky! ~ We've been anticipating Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story for quite some time now, so we just have to share the opening sequence with you! ~ If you're new to the news of this upcoming series, don't be expecting any cheery sing-a-longs. ~ Ryan went in a completely different direction with this FX thriller! ~ And we're LOVING what we're seeing so far!”

  • Those evil opening credits. Babies in jars! Eerie basement! Creepy Clipper Man! Jittery black-and-white lettering! Dear God, it makes my head spin around just thinking about it. If you watch the opening credits in segments, you might pick up a few clues about this show. Or maybe just more questions. Like, doesn't the bride look a teensy bit like a young Constance? What are all the chains for? And is the fire the same one that left Larry Harvey such a mangled mess?”

  • If you haven’t heard about FX’s upcoming horror TV show American Horror Story, I suggest you go over to Youtube and look up the creepy promo just to get a sense of the show, but the promo isn’t anything compared to the creepy opening credits that just debuted over on EW.”

  • This has to be one of the creepiest credit clips I have ever seen. I just Love it...”

  • Even scarier than all this? AHS’s opening credits sequence...The clip, created by Kyle Cooper and his company Prologue who are responsible for the acclaimed openers for Seven and The Walking Dead, is set in the aforementioned basement and not only announces the actors and creators, but provides a backstory for the house.”

  • I also dig the twisted, terrifying opening title sequence.”

  • The opening credits was also quite interesting, it reminded me a bit of the opening credits seen in the film, Se7en, which was a great movie. The opening theme was quite strange, it was basically strange sounds and noises for about a minute and seven seconds.”

  • FX’s freshman show American Horror Story bows next week, and if the opening credits are anything to go by, this one will keep you up nights.”

  • 'The title sequence is almost like a mystery,' says Murphy. 'By the time you see the ninth episode of this season, every image in that title sequence will be explained. So for example, What are the jars in the basement? What is the mystery of the floating white Christening dress? Why is somebody holding hedge clippers that are bloody? Each time you watch it and you watch the week’s episode you’ll be able to say, ‘Oh that’s why that’s in there!’”

  • If there was an Emmy for "Best Opening Credits" AHS should win it.”

  • There’s a lot of symbolism in the opener according to co-creator Ryan Murphy. The one-minute sequence acts as its own mini-mystery, with key plot points that will be revealed over the first season. Says Murphy, “By the time you see the ninth episode of this season, every image in that title sequence will be explained.””

  • ...and if people look at the title sequence, for example, in the show, every week a clue from that title sequence is kind of revealed. So the history of the show and the horrors of that house are all ‑ if you watch that, by the end of the season, the last episode of the season, you will know why every one of those images was in there. It's sort of like clue of the week, and every week we do answer those big riddles. ”

  • You've got to check out the shows opening title sequence, it's got an incredibly creepy vibe.”

  • It also has the most unsettling title sequence ever...including True Blood.”

  • Even the opening credits give me chills.”

  • The show started off decently, with the sudden death of two boys who had it coming, followed by neat opening credits, reminiscent of a Nine Inch Nails music video. After that, I'll admit, I was with the show for most of the hour.”

  • Okay, can I just say that this show easily as the best opening credits of any show currently on? Just sayin'. ”

  • I also love the fact that American Horror Story is downright creepy at times - from the frigging font in the logo to the Nine Inch Nail-like opening credits down to the end of the episode - creepy! American Horror Story is the perfect recipe for televison addiction: bizzare, sexy, scary and intrigue with a slight twist of awkward reality that everyone can relate to, but is embarrassed to admit.”

  • American Horror Story debuts on FX next week, but horror fans looking for a taste of the premiere can check out the mysterious and creepy opening title sequence.”

  • If you missed the Halloween episode of American Horror Story, consider yourself both lucky and unlucky. Lucky because you've avoided the mind-bending nightmares that the rest of us are suffering from, and unlucky because you missed one of the most genuinely creepy episodes of television in recent years. Only four episodes in, American Horror Story has already tackled basement demons, undead maids, a murderer covered in horrific burn scars, Shining-style ghost twins, and much, much more. Also, it's got some majorly disturbing opening credits.”

  • This show plays more like a horror movie for the big screen that continues from week to week. The opening jolts us from one bloodied old-fashioned photo to another, with frightening theme music and this eerie shutter click of a camera. There are ‘ragged’ and creepy black and white graphics displaying credits and the announcer’s voice who cautions: ‘Viewer discretion is advised’ at the opening and each return from a commercial break.”

  • American Horror Story is disturbingly amazing and the opening credits can’t be any creepier.”

  • That's a great intro. It's perfect for the subject matter as it has such a sinister vibe.”

  • Freakiest opening credits of all time!”

  • American Horror, the new show on FX, from the creators of Glee has really cool industrial music for the opening credits. Turns out it was done by Charlie Clouser (and Davila-Irizarry). It's always nice to see some experimental EM in the mainstream media...”

  • Kudos to Kyle Cooper and the good folks at the filmmaking collective Prologue for designing American Horror Story's terrific opening credits sequence...It's been a highlight of the show since the pilot -- an effectively creepy mood-setter for the chills and chuckles that follow.”

  • ...“American Horror Story,” the new F/X series from “Glee’s” Ryan Murphy that reportedly boasts a pilot that is a flat-out, non-stop freak fest.”

  • The opening credits are pretty freaky tho.”

  • From its imaginative title and suitably creepy opening credits - chock-full of classic horror story clichés like nondescript forms floating in jars, old-timey Victorian portraits and vaguely unsettling music - FX’s new show “American Horror Story” makes no bones about its purpose: unabashed, scream-inducing, hair-raising horror.”

  • The setup is familiar, but the execution, from the deliciously Grindhouse-style opening and closing credits to the slowly stacking creepiness and tension in between, makes for the best horror movie no one’s made in years.”

  • Really weird and scary but with the exact spirit of the show. And that’s maybe the best definition of a good opening credits.”

  • Wait until you see the opening credits to FX's upcoming American Horror Story. The music, the images, even the typography -- the word "unprecedented" comes instantly to mind. So do the words "creepy as hell"...”

  • Ryan Murphy has recently said that the opening sequence holds a litany of secrets that will all be solved by season‘s end - a visually striking beginning credits created by the talented team behind the titles of SE7EN and THE WALKING DEAD, among others.”

  • On the fence about watching FX's upcoming American Horror Story? We have a feeling the show's seriously creepy opening credits sequence might make up your mind for you.”

  • You've got to check out the shows opening title sequence, it's got an incredibly creepy vibe.”

  • This music scares the f**k out of me sooo bad... but the show is amazing.”

  • Motion graphics whiz Kyle Cooper and his company Prologue created the haunting and lovely disturbing opening credits that signal some sort of descent into this madness. It echoes one of Cooper’s early masterpieces, the opening credits for David Fincher’s Se7en; Horror Story’s morose opening flashes several clues for future episodes, subliminally planting indescribable images in our mind. By the ninth episode, all of said images will be explained.”

  • The opening credits of “American Horror Story,” the latest by Ryan Murphy (creator of “Glee” and “Nip/Tuck”) is a barrage of spooky stills, blood-splattered surgical implements, dead things in jars, and inexplicably moving shadows with whispering voices and a slight fire motif that hints at a film slowly being burned while it’s being projected. Perhaps without realizing it, that one or so minute is a distillation of the show itself. It’s every horror trope smashed together brutally and unapologetically, and the result is a show that’s unafraid to wear its guts on its sleeve.”

  • Sticking with horror, the upcoming FX series "American Horror Story" has released its opening credits sequence...It's suitably creepy, in a "disturbing stuff in jars" kind of way, though that's without knowing what the show's going to be like. It is nice to see an actual opening sequence for a TV show, as they were getting shorter and shorter as costs were cut...It seems to be the purview of more genre-oriented fare that give us really nifty openers, both for visuals and for music.”

  • The opening credits of American Horror Story set the tone for what is becoming the strangest and most thrilling fifty minutes of television each week. As an ear piercing low industrial bass scratches along in the background, the viewer is treated to a quickly cut montage of photos of dead babies, body parts in jars and bloodshed. As the main titles roll, and the final wail of the bass resonates in ones ears, they cannot help but be taken to a place that brings them great uncertainty and discomfort.”

  • The opening credits is wonderfully designed and I liked the creepy vibe you get just from the opening credits, never been so excited to get scared.”

  • Who else thinks that the opening credits are bloody awesome?”

  • ...the opening credits for the show, which is basically close up shots of the contents of this freaky, freaky house and begs the question, "HOW DID THIS HOUSE GET SOLD IN THE FIRST PLACE??" I don't know whether to applaud the real estate agent's ingenuity or send her to prison. Anyway, this video is creepy as shit.”

  • This new show from “Glee’s” Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk had nice, creepy, opening credits.”

  • It's got a very stylistic look and a jarring opening credits sequence.”

  • The weird and chilling opening credits for American Horror Story were posted on Entertainmennt Weekly recently...Themes of infant mortality and the horror mainstay “creepy kids” are in full effect. The jumpy, disconnected editing makes for a more traditionally scary feeling than, say, The Walking Dead‘s rather sedate opener.”

  • Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk...are trying to produce the scariest show on television. They certainly succeeded in their opening title sequence for the FX show American Horror Story...The opening credits were envisioned by Kyle Cooper, whose work you've seen in both Seven and The Walking Dead. Cooper clearly understands the importance of being subtle, ultimately creating a haunting tone instead.”

  • American Horror Story is co-written and produced by Ryan Murphy (Glee, Nip-Tuck) and Brad Falchuk. It is immaculately written, acted, and produced, and it has one of the best, if not the best, main title sequences I’ve ever seen (think Six Feet Under or True Blood).”

  • Creatively unleashed, the producers have concocted a sure-to-be-polarizing introduction that's a truly weird, David Lynch-style experience - complete with bondage outfits, satanic images and the creepiest opening-title sequence ever. ”

  • This show has a really scary opening credits sequence. “If I watch the show does it mean I have to watch this every week?” squealed Steve, covering his eyes. There are old-timey photos of terrifying children, and those turn-of-the-century photos of dead babies people used to take, and terrible jump cuts and scary music. ”

  • The title sequence alone scares the bejesus out of me.”

  • But what’s certain about American Horror Story’s kick-ass credits sequence is its solidification of the show’s all-horror demeanor. As evidence by tonight’s premiere, Murphy and co-creator Brad Falchuk were in a darkly perverse head-space when they conceived this wild property.”

  • The opening credits sequence for FX's new show, American Horror Story, looks like something out of my nightmares: medical equipment, body parts preserved in jars, vintage children's photographs, a white nightgown floating through the air. Christ. I don't know if I can watch this, but it sounds wildly intriguing.”

  • There's plenty to see to visually scare you into breathing again (and maybe hiding your eyes. I won't tell). Gah, even the title sequence is scary!”

  • I look forward to the intro as much as the show.”

  • How creepy were those opening credits? Scary baby pictures, intercut with downright disturbing images of body parts (and baby heads?!) in jars? Talk about setting up an unsettling mood for your new show. Well done.”

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