TBWA / Chiat NY

A Fortune 500 company with net revenues exceeding $30 billion, Accenture was named No. 1 in IT Services for three consecutive years (2014-2016) by Fortune. With a client base comprised of the worlds leading businesses, including Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, IBM and hundreds of others, Accenture provides consulting, strategy, digital, technology and operation services at the highest professional level.

Prologue bolstered the 30-second, live action spot with original typography and transitional graphics.

Accenture’s name is derived from putting an “accent” on the “future”, a theory focusing on constant progression and adaptation. One proviso our client emphasized during early conversations was that their logo, the “greater-than” symbol, never moved backwards. Motivated by this, we composited the logo and employed it as a transitional tool to cohesively advance through Accenture’s comprehensive services, while promoting their global brand recognition. The typography respects the same artery of forward progression, highlighting the staggering results that Accenture consistently delivers for the world’s top enterprises.