Melcher Media and Erik Natzke / Adobe


Narrated by founder Kyle Cooper, Prologue teamed up with Melcher Media and Erik Natzke from Adobe to design a short film aimed to inspire innovation among creative minds. Premiering in Los Angeles at the Nokia Theatre in 2013, this montage of mixed media expresses the vast impact that one great idea originating from one creative individual tirelessly working on their artistic craft, can have on the world. It reminds us of the importance of image making tools and the great potential possessed by the resounding voices of a young generation of creators. Under an extremely tight schedule and limited means, Prologue drew upon its own history by using personal artwork created by the team and applied a unique, hands on approach to the compilation of illustration, live action shots, and typography. The final goal was to encourage the dreams and imagination of creative professionals everywhere while simultaneously serving as reminder to suspend the fear of making mistakes.

Creative Anthem