Broadcasted live from Kyoto, Japan on November 7th, 2010, Buddhist and Mayan leaders united for the One Peace Live Aura Festival to promote and encourage world peace. The global event came to fruition after Mayan Grand Elder Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, also known as the Wandering Wolf, met with Seiyu Kiriyama, the founder of Agon Shu, a relatively new Japanese religion that is rooted in the Agama, an assemblage of ancient Buddhist scriptures. Recognizing their shared vision for world peace and the transmission of wisdom through their sacred beliefs, they worked in concert to fabricate the historical ceremony. Kiriyama has garnered hundreds of thousands of followers respecting the ethics of Agon Shu, and has written more than fifty books on the religion that encompass pacifying values and prayers that honor the souls lost throughout the millennia. The Wandering Wolf is one of the most respected figures in modern Mayan Culture, serving as the 13th Generation Spiritual Leader of the 84 Mayan nations.Prologue designed the opening graphics for the broadcast and developed the branding for the event by creating a logo that would become synonymous with the unifying ceremony. To celebrate the two revered leaders of each culture, original Prologue typography presents their names in English, and in their native languages. The concept for the CG sequence was to embody how one voice can inspire many. With the global outreach of the event and its theme of humanitarian and spiritual enlightenment, we animated one dot that is quickly flooded by a sea of others, centralizing in the form of the globe. One of the key messages of the Wandering Wolf is that we must open our eyes as a species, and change the way we live to better ourselves, and others. Derived from this message, we composited the globe inside a circled aura, as if it were the cornea of an eye. The stippled Earth graphic transforms to the shape of Japan, moving into a fly through over the city of Kyoto. The animation follows dots with contrails flying over the CG city as they ascend to the sky and are sent into orbit of what materializes as an eye. The oval shape gives life to the logo of the event, forming the O in One Peace Live. With a ceremony representing essential human values like equality and peace amongst all nations, we share a great sense of pride having been able to contribute to the virtuous broadcast.

Brand Animation