American Express / Delta Airlines


In 2011, Delta Airlines and American Express joined forces to offer the Gold Delta Skymiles credit card.  The exclusive partnership appends a number of rewards for customers, including a free checked bag on Delta flights, for both the cardholder and up to nine members of their family, up to 25,000 bonus miles, and priority boarding.

The premier airline and financial service corporation enlisted Prologue to integrate typography and graphics in a half-minute spot, which illuminates the heightened traveling experience for Gold Delta Skymiles’ card carriers. We designed and set the type with the corresponding visuals, while compositing the Gold card alongside in certain frames to communicate its primary advantages.  For the closing graphic, we employed the crimson red font color from the sequence as the backdrop, while animating the type and credit card graphic as if they are on a revolving stage. The elegant graphics package complements the visual unification of the highly regarded enterprises, and the commodity that spawned from their merger.