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This is the fifth year that Prologue has done American Horror Story’s main title sequence for series co-creator Ryan Murphy. Similar to past years, almost the entire sequence relies on practical effects, with the exception of some of the title slides, which utilize 2D animation. This title sequence, like many of Prologue’s American Horror Story main titles before it, has been called “the creepiest one yet.”


Main Title


"The opening credits for the series, with its eerie music and quick cuts through images specific to the season’s theme, have always managed to be unsettling, but season five’s creepy credits might top the list."

− Jacob Bryant, Variety

"A unique and highly stylized opening credits sequence has been designed for each season of American Horror Story to date, and Hotel will not deviate from that tradition."

− Sandy Schaefer, ScreenRant

"The video features creepy (and bloody!) new imagery of the eponymous haunted hotel, with neon-light credits -- and, intriguingly, the Ten Commandments -- interspersed throughout."

− Max Nicholson, IGN

"The title sequence for "American Horror Story" has never been for the faint of heart. Considering some past seasons, actually, some might say it's the creepiest part of the whole show. This season's doesn't disappoint…"

− Sara Bobltz, HuffingtonPost

"It may be the franchise's creepiest opening yet."

− Liz Raftery, TVGuide

"You will NEVER EVER want to stay in a hotel again after watching the ultra-terrifying opening credits for American Horror Story: Hotel."

− Jean Bentley, EOnline

"Good Lord, this is the weirdest one yet."

− Meredith Werner, LATimes

"The new opener has the same maddening noises that constitute some sort of "American Horror Story" theme song ripping over another collection of maids and tenants lounging in a dirty hotel on top of an even dirtier mattress."

− Meredith Werner, LATimes

"Watch as a golum-faced creature rubs its sexy legs over a bloodstained couch, bloodstained carpet, bloodstained walls and even bloodstained sheets. Germs, germs everywhere, and in between it all, flashes of the Ten Commandments in neon lights across a bloodstained wall."

− Meredith Werner, LATimes

"Every season they have the best and absolute creepiest opening credits of any show, pretty much ever."

− Eric Diaz, Nerdist

"They are also so well done that frankly, the imagery and scares in the actual show often have a hard time living up to anything seen in the credits."

− Eric Diaz, Nerdist

"The opening sequence is certainly more terrifying than the trailer for the new season, which was more tame."

− Jacob Bryant, Variety