Ryan Murphy / FX


Ryan Murphy approached Prologue to create the main title sequence for American Horror Story before principal photography began. Using only the first few episodes’ scripts as a basis, Prologue created this creepy opening that epitomizes the themes of the first season. Prologue shot all the live action, chose the music track, and created the Charles Mackintosh font that has become synonymous with the American Horror Story brand. Prologue would go on to collaborate with Ryan Murphy on American Horror Story’s opening titles an additional five more times. Fans and critics alike have called the opening titles an iconic part of the show.


Main Title


"This new show from “Glee’s” Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk had nice, creepy, opening credits."

− Verne Gay, Newsday

"Wait until you see the opening credits to FX's upcoming American Horror Story. The music, the images, even the typography -- the word "unprecedented" comes instantly to mind. So do the words "creepy as hell"..."

− David Bianculli, TV Worth Watching

"The opening-credits sequence is pretty scary. It's like the True Blood opening, condensed, unnervingly edited, and more terrifying."

− Kyle Buchanan, New York Magazine

"Even scarier than all this? AHS’s opening credits sequence...The clip, created by Kyle Cooper and his company Prologue who are responsible for the acclaimed openers for Seven and The Walking Dead, is set in the aforementioned basement and not only announces the actors and creators, but provides a backstory for the house."

− Entertainment Weekly

"The title sequence is almost like a mystery,' says Murphy. 'By the time you see the ninth episode of this season, every image in that title sequence will be explained. So for example, What are the jars in the basement? What is the mystery of the floating white Christening dress? Why is somebody holding hedge clippers that are bloody? Each time you watch it and you watch the week’s episode you’ll be able to say, ‘Oh that’s why that’s in there!’"

− Entertainment Weekly

"How creepy were those opening credits? Scary baby pictures, intercut with downright disturbing images of body parts (and baby heads?!) in jars? Talk about setting up an unsettling mood for your new show. Well done."

− Michael Langston Moore , Boston TV Examiner

"American Horror Story debuts on FX next week, but horror fans looking for a taste of the premiere can check out the mysterious and creepy opening title sequence."

− Michael Crider, Screen Rant

"The credits include creepy clowns, lots of skeletons with extra limbs -- many of which appear to be making out with or having sex with one another -- and various mutilated toys and dolls, à la Sid's collection in 'Toy Story.'"

− Erin Whitney, Huffington Post