Prologue continued its standing relationship with Audi by creating a promo advertising the Audi Q2 to be screened at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The promo is divided into three sections featuring both live-action and animation, with each highlighting a respective aspect of the Q2’s modern ingenuity. The first section covers details of the car’s exterior, with polygonal filters over different shots, in an allusion to the car’s reimagined body design. The second depicts new element’s of the car’s connectivity features, with animations containing visible wi-fi signals traveling between the car and other devices connected to the global data network as it drives through an animated city block. The third section highlights aspects of the driving experience itself, as the car is depicted racing through a 3D animated track lined by white, grooved walls. throughout the sequence, hashtags appear in yellow type detailing new features of the car, such as ‘#FullHeadLights’, ‘#HighEndEngines’, and ‘#AudiActiveLaneAssist’. The steady stream of hashtags continue, eventually ending with #Untaggable, in reference to the Q2’s goal of being the perfect match for the undefined, modern individual.

Industrial Film