Peter Berg / Universal Pictures


Prologue did a considerable amount of work on Peter Berg’s sci-fi epic Battleship, based on the popular Hasbro board game of the same name. Along with a main on end title sequence, Prologue animated and delivered around 150 visual effects shots for the film. Prologue created the space map graphic, designed to explain the many factors that deem a planet to be habitable. Knowing this VFX shot would be displayed via a computer screen in the film, we created the CG planets using Cinema 4D to match the graphic presentation. Paying homage to the original board games design, Prologue created the map and animations that show where each battleship is on a CG grid. Proving to be a challenge, it took some time to find the correct balance of information and simplicity for the maps, while still moving the story forward. In the film, the aliens possess a scan system capable of detecting immanent threats and/or objects nearby. Prologue designed this system, which is essentially a HUD, clearly highlighting what the aliens are targeted on. This futuristic looking display has a level of grime to it that coincides with its alien controllers. For the main on end title sequence, we knew that it we wanted to do something with the Battleship map. ILM graciously provided Prologue with many models they designed for the project. Prologue integrated these models, which includes the ships and missiles, on a grid that exists in a 3D space. This allowed us to have the camera to fly around and explore the grid, with Prologue typography to highlight the cast and crew.

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