Walter Hill / Silver Pictures

In 2014, Prologue created the main title sequence for Walter Hill’s action flick Bullet to the Head, starring Sylvester Stallone. The sequence begins with a black and white mug shot of Stallone being closed in upon by the camera as Stallone narrates, giving the viewer an idea where the narrative ultimately ends up. It then transitions to Stallone and another gentleman driving in a car, as lime green neon typography, much like the lights of the various signs in the shady bars and strip clubs that cover the city, displays production and crew credits. The two men pull up outside of a hotel, where the camera pans up to see the main title as a large neon sign above the entrance. The shot periodically cuts to black, with cast and crew credits superimposed with a shimmering light effect. The live-action takes us inside the hotel while the credits continue to roll. A man and his girlfriend are seen doing drugs, and the shot periodically freezes while a red-orange filter surrounds their bodies, in a personification of the intense affect the drugs are having on the two people’s state of mind.

Main Title