On previous occasions, ESPN had enlisted the help of Prologue on projects such as NFL Live, Baseball Tonight, World Cup: South Africa, 30 for 30, and Sportsnation. This time, they wanted a serious, tone setting prologue for their hit docu-series SC Featured, which details inspirational stories from around the world of sports. To accomplish this, we employed the use of live-action shooting, as well as original typography. The prologue begins with the SC Featured logo being displayed on a piece of paper within a typewriter. The shot then transitions into a dimly lit room with a man walking towards a table, which holds the previously seen typewriter. As the room becomes brighter, the man starts to type, and the narration begins. What follows is a host of frames that resemble the layout of a newspaper. These frames contain images and videos of noteworthy events in sports, such as the Boston Marathon Bombing, and Lauren Hill’s last game. The piece then transitions back to the room containing the man at the typewriter, as screens that surround him on three sides then begin to display footage from previous episodes. As the prologue begins to wind down, it takes on a more montage feel, as the audience then sees the silhouette of the typing man making his way past more screens, displaying more footage of previous and upcoming documentaries. The prologue’s final transition takes us back to the room we started in, with the SC Featured logo prominently displayed in center frame.

Live Action Promo


Process Frames