Turner (TBS) / Samantha Bee


Full Frontal with Samantha Bee is currently the nation’s only late-night talk show hosted by a woman. After completing work on the promo, Prologue was asked by Samantha Bee to do the opening for the show itself.

The groundbreaking show focuses on an array of challenging topics and takes aim at injustice around the world. Our opening is informed by this fearless approach.

Bee cracks her knuckles as animated CG statues of Thomas Jefferson, Lady Justice, and a bull loom large in the frame. The host enters an arena and we see her dwarfed by more statues of revered figures squaring off against her. The statues stand as symbols of polarizing, hot-button topics facing the country today. As an animated gate slams shut, sealing Samantha Bee in the arena with these adversaries, the viewer grasps that she is going to tackle these issues head-on.

Our final piece combines photo-real CG models and animation, motion graphics, and several composited green screen shots.

Main Title


"There was no uptalking or shy self-deprecation; she swaggered forward in the title sequence, to the grind of Boys Wanna Be Her by Peaches. It was go time."

− James, Poniewozik, New York Times