Ryuhei Kitamura / Toho Pictures


Godzilla: Final Wars marked the 50-year anniversary of the film’s original 1955 release. Inspired by the flaming shrapnel historically left in Godzilla’s wake, Prologue suspended wooden letters from a 30 foot ceiling with the help of magnets, lit them on fire, released the magnets, and dropped them towards a camera lens which was protected by plexiglass. Flaming shrapnel credits are intercut with atomic blasts and iconic scenes from the past 50 years of Godzilla, periodically interrupted by slices of horizontal lightning, which writes on the credits in a more legible form than the shrapnel credit dailies allowed. The main title is revealed as the music goes from darkly intense to almost angelic. The sequence comes to an end as the cycling years in the background reach 2004, finally revealing the version of the Godzilla monster the film is set to use.

Main Title