Prologue created two promos for Infiniti’s 2015 release of the Q60 Concept to be screened at the Detroit Auto Show, on a screen 100 feet tall and 19 feet wide. From storyboarding to animation, to live action shooting, we aimed to create a spot that would highlight the power and elegance of the car itself. The first promo begins with a 180 degree tracking shot of the car covered in a white sheet. That sheet is ripped off when the car sets into motion, only to reveal that there is no car, merely a man sitting in a floating drivers seat. The screen periodically splits into thirds, with the driver’s face being shown in the middle, and different parts of the car being showcased on the side. The second promo takes on a wide-screen effect, as clips of things ranging from a driver’s point of view to beautiful landscapes fly by. As the clips play, plain white type appears offering words of inspiration as they relate to the car. More 3D animation is utilized in much the same way as the first, with displays of the heart and arteries pumping due to the immense excitement.