By blending some of the best moments from this film’s two predecessors, Prologue was able to create a unique homage to the Iron Man franchise. This sequence was built entirely in After Effects and later animated in a seventies/retro style.

Shane Black / Marvel


Prologue created the main on end sequence and UI animations for Shane Black’s Iron Man 3. For the main on end sequence, producers Kevin Feige and Victoria Alonso and director Shane Black wanted something fun. They were inspired by classic television opens. After we had presented a wide range of concepts, Black showed us the open for “It Takes a Thief.” We created an updated homage to this classic television open, depicting scenes from all three films using design components reminiscent of classic TV crime dramas— such as drop-shadow typography, wipe effects, and color freezes. Our VFX design included computer-interface models to showcase the technological capabilities of Tony Stark, featuring animations of a holographic phone as well as a GPS tracking system for Air Force 1.

End Title


"With its “interlocking angled transitions and perfectly timed freeze-frames,” Marvel attempts to bring the film back to its early days of “pages and panels that first spawned (the comics) it.” Along with the title sequence was the song by Brian Tyler’s “Can You Dig It.”...While fans have been split on the outcome of Iron Man 3, it definitely had some refreshing new elements like the title sequence above that separates it from previous Marvel films."


"One of the things on our mind when we walked out of Iron Man 3 was how we enjoyed the end-credits sequence more than the actual end-credits scene that the Marvel movies have become famous for. In a dazzling sequence that feels like the intro for an exciting '70s cop show, we get a montage of the more memorable scenes from all three Iron Man movies set to a grooved-up version of the film's score. We've been itching for this thing to arrive online ever since loving every second of it following our screening of Iron Man 3, and thankfully it's finally here, courtesy of Prologue, which produced the sequence with direction from Shane Black and Marvel Studios."


"As fun as Iron Man 3 was, when the screen goes black and the titles come up you're smacked in the face with a whole other kind of fun—the awesome motion-heavy sequence from Creative Director Danny Yount. And if you thought that was cool, you should see what he originally had planned."

− Gizmodo

"Iron Man 3 is witty, surprising, and spectacular all the way through to its fantastic end credits sequence."

− Filmonic

"The first part of the closing credits of Iron Man 3 (before the endless scroll of technicians’ names and the requisite post-credits stinger) is presented in a kinetic retro style, with split screens, freeze frames and wipes that make it look like the opening sequence of a 1970s action-adventure TV show, complete with a brassy theme song. That level of creativity and cleverness is on display only sporadically in the rest of the movie, which seems to struggle between being another dutiful entry in the ongoing Marvel superhero saga and a more distinctive stand-alone movie from director and co-writer Shane Black (taking over from Iron Man and Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau)."

− Las Vegas Weekly