Mark Romanek / Fox Searchlight Pictures


The late Robin Williams stars in One Hour Photo, a film about a quiet and overlooked store clerk working in the photo department who becomes eerily infatuated with a local family who are repeat customers. The film received critical acclaim during its release in 2002, mainly because of Robin Williams’ unrelenting turn as Sy Parrish, and was a box-office success.

Kyle Cooper and his design team at Imaginary Forces were asked by Mark Romanek, friend of Cooper’s then business partner Peter Frankfurt to construct a main title for the slow burn thriller.

The studios and main title are enlivened through the printing process of a one-hour photo machine. By means of setting an expectation for the isolated routine of Sy, the objective was to inform the audience about the gradual process of printing film through a LightJet printer or Minilab. Cooper and his team treated each of the frames, consisting of original typography, to appear as film negatives. As the type is set in motion through the printer, the grippers latch onto the film frame and set the type in place to be scanned. The graphical information surrounding the photographic negatives was used as a device to advise the studio names and main title.

Main Title