Joel Silver / Warner Brothers


In another collaboration with Joel Silver and Warner Bros., Prologue created the title sequence for the 2011 teen-comedy Project X. The goal was to create a simple, low budget look with the studio logos and type to coincide with the idea that the film was created through the use of a home movie camera. The sequence begins with plain white typography, displaying a (fake) message thanking those who sent in footage on behalf of Warner Bros. and the producers. A second message then appears beneath that, issuing an apology to the police and residents of Northern Pasadena for “what they are about to see.” These messages are then replaced with a sudden transition into a live-action shot with one of the film’s main characters, proudly introducing their plan for ‘Project X’ to the audience. Upon mention of the term ‘Project X’, the main title makes a sudden appearance in the same plain, white typography in front of a black background as before. As the film comes to a close, an epilogue ensues in which the audience is let on to what became of the characters. Over clips of the party that took place during the course of the film, plain, white faced typography details the consequences faced by each character, and how life turned out for them post-party.