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Prologue shot a talent based live-action opening title sequence for Scream Queens featuring Lea Michele, Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin and Skyler Samuels. Drawing inspiration from dozens of classic horror film murders, the opening establishes a tone that blends violence and humor. The sequence features the youthful cast being confronted by the knife-wielding devil, and the occasional wink from the cast as if they are posing and acknowledging the audience, ala Ferris Bueller. The breaking of the fourth wall pays homage to the history of situation comedy opening credits sequences, reminding us that this is a black comedy. Prologue also created the branding for Scream Queens marketing in conjunction with the main title design.

"These New 'Scream Queens' Opening Credits Are Hilariously Terrifying!"

− Leanne Aguilera, ET Online

"Dripping with style, brilliance and sophistication, this credits sequence is not only visually stunning, it also highlights the number one reason we are so excited about this addictive show: It's just so much FUN."

− Kristin Dos Santos, E Online

"The credits are set to a sick techno beat as hot, shiny sorority girls (some in various states of undress) scream at the sight of a midget Devil man."

− Hoai-Tran Bui, USAToday

"If this opening credits sequence is anything to go by, Scream Queens is going to be bloody with a very large dose of knowing winks and nods to its spiritual predecessors."

− Katharine Trendacosta, io9

"Everything in these opening titles feels over-the-top in the right ways, while also paying tribute to some classic horror moments."

− Merrill Barr, Screen Rant

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