Platinum Dunes, Michael Bay


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: After working on such films as Nightmare on Elm Street, The Purge: Anarchy, Ouija, and Black Sails (series), Platinum Dunes and Michael Bay once again called upon Prologue to create an introduction to tell the backstory of the Ninja Turtles, who growing up in the sewers of NYC and hidden from the world above, were trained in martial arts by Splinter (who provides the voice over). Having worked with director Jonathan Liebesman previously on a prologue to Darkness Falls, Kyle Cooper had a good understanding of his process. The prologue helps to explain that the streets of New York are under siege by the villainous Shredder, and his notorious foot clan. Due to this, it becomes imminent that the turtles will one day have to put their exhaustive training into practice, and rise from the sewers in order to defend the people of New York. During the creation process, Prologue shot live action footage of discarded items which are commonly found in the sewers of New York being smashed and sliced by katana swords and nunchakus. That, along with creating dozens of graphic animations on Comic illustrations, a number of which where created specifically for this sequence by Kevin Eastman, one of the comic’s original creators. The sequence is not a main title sequence, but rather is a pure prologue of original material, created in an accelerated schedule after the principal photography had been shot. The name Prologue came from the realization that many of our film clients have come to us not just to create a credit sequence, but to create the opening scenes that help in the storytelling of the feature itself, and function as the first scene of the movie. Argo and Zoolander 2 functioned in much the same way. When we are commissioned to create Prologue sequences, we become very much involved in the creation of the opening narrative, working closely with filmmakers to tell the necessary back story.

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