David Fincher / Paramount Pictures

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In designing the print, marketing, and branding for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, we created a black and white depiction of the face of Brad Pitt, and behind him a silhouette of co-star Cate Blanchett. Although the pictures appear simple at first, upon closer inspection you are able to see what appears to be chips of paint peeling from the face of Pitt, to symbolize his ever evolving facial features. This was not the only promotional poster created by Prologue for the film. Two other posters were created which featured the solitary faces of Pitt and Blanchett respectively. A challenge with the picture of Cate Blanchett, was that it was taken from a group shot within the film, and had to be enlarged significantly. Digital retouching on a sub-pixel level was employed to meet David Fincher’s exacting standards. The logo on the Brad Pitt poster was inverted, to suggest that his life was going backwards, while Cate Blanchett’s poster has the correct orientation of the mark, to suggest that she was aging in the traditional sense. The two large portrait versions were used for most of the printed posters, as well as outdoor billboard and other marketing applications that Prologue also designed. The black and white poster was used for limited venues and as a collectors item, because David Fincher preferred the black and white poster for some applications.