Tate Taylor / DreamWorks SKG 


Prologue created the main on end sequence for Tate Taylor’s The Help, based on the book by Kathryn Stockett. The film focuses on a young, recent college-grad working at a small town newspaper. Having practically been raised by her family’s recently fired servant, she decides to write a book detailing the point of view of her small, Mississippi town’s maids, who are predominantly African American in a time when the civil rights movement was beginning to gain real momentum. The main on end sequence features one of these women having just quit her job, walking away from the house up the street as the camera watches her go off into the distance, in a symbolic gesture to the long road these women, and the civil rights movement as a whole, face in the years ahead. Elegant typography displaying cast, crew, and production credits fades in and out letter by letter as the recently retired maid grows smaller in the distance.

End Credits