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Regeared for a new generation, The Invasion (2007) is the fourth film adaptation of Jack Finney’s classic sci-fi horror novel The Body Snatchers, originally released in 1955. The story recounts the arrival and outbreak of an alien pathogen that turns humans into emotionless droids.

Prologue’s familiarity with the source material dates back to the early nineties, when Kyle Cooper directed the main title sequence for Abel Ferrara’s 1993 version of Body Snatchers. Fourteen years later, longtime collaborator and friend Joel Silver recruited Prologue to reimagine the studio logos, design a main title and a main on end sequence.

The foreign virus operates by latching onto brain matter and attacking the body during REM sleep. The film begins with a flash-forward of Nicole Kidman’s character Carol, struggling to stay awake. Disillusioned, she rummages through a looted drug store in search of medicine to combat the pathogen and remain alert. Having screened an early cut of the film, we knew that the studio logos would seamlessly transition to this despoiled store, a scene of flickering lights and products trashed all over the place. We color corrected the logos to match the coloration of the opening clip, and injected the logos with the same pulsating current of electricity as the light bulbs in the store.

From early on in the design phase, we knew that the story moves from an exhausted Carol in the pillaged market to the Patriot Space Shuttle falling from the sky, unknowingly carrying the alien pathogen. Using the coruscating halogen bulb as a transitional tool, the illuminant breathes life into the typography as we jump from the store backdrop to the vastness of outer space. To embody the mind-altering virus in the title, we edited the sequence with a digital interference-like quality, resembling the chemical imbalance of an infected person.

The main on end is a microscopic exploration of the alien spore invading human brain matter. The CG sequence visualizes the violent infiltration of the parasite that would otherwise be impossible to see from the naked eye.To develop the language of the vicious cycle, we researched chemical reactions and the look of cells under various microscopes. From there, our designers were challenged with determining the look of the alien virus, and how it would seize the human follicles. Layered with Prologue typography, the sequence capitalizes on the advancements in technology since the release of the preceding rendition of Jack Finney’s timeless tale, engineered for the next generation.

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