Erik Van Looy / Silver Pictures


Prologue created the main title sequence along with re-imagining the studio logos for Erik Van Looy’s The Loft. The logos of de Vijver Media and Woestijnvis appear to be suspended from wires, as the camera descends through the rafters of a tall building, while the Anonymous Content logo is on white painted pieces of wood in a modern apartment complex. The main titles begin on a rainy street. Cast, crew, and production credits are displayed over client provided footage with typographic lines that also resemble banisters and rafters of the building. The live-action cuts to an interrogation room of a police station, where one the film’s main characters is being questioned by police. As the scene ends, the camera pans up to a dark ceiling, where it then transitions to a sky shot of New Orleans. The camera soars through the air as more credits are displayed amongst the buildings, before the sequence comes to an end inside the loft itself.

Main Title


Studio Logo