Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. / Universal Pictures


Prologue created the main title typography and animation as well as the end credits for Matthijs van Heijningen Jr’s 2011 remake of The Thing. We looked to give a modern update to the main title of the 1982 original. We kept the idea of the title appearing slowly in a blinding white type, but added an ice-like texture to the letters themselves, in reference to the beast’s emergence from an icy sarcophagus. The end credits begin to cut in intermittently over the last scene of the film in which one of the remaining survivors is being confronted by a rescue squad. They continue this way as the rescue team tries to kill a wolf carrying the monster inside of it runs away. As the gunman fires his last shot, the scene cuts to an end crawl, where only a low, cold wind can be heard as the cast, crew, and production credits role by.

Main Title