This sequence takes the audience on a journey through the galaxy, passing through nebulas, star clusters, and lightning, each credit acting as a transition between realms, planets, and various areas of space.

Kenneth Branagh / Marvel Studios 


Marvel’s Thor is the fourth entry in the expanding and highly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. The story follows Thor, the God of Thunder, who is barred from his home planet Asgard and exiled to Earth. Stripped of his powers, Thor must prove himself worthy of wielding Mjolnir once again.

Prologue created the main and end title sequences for the blockbuster hit.

For the main title, our goal was to create typography that coincides with the boldness and vigor of Thor. The type animates over a distant galaxy coruscating with lightening, setting the tone for the interplanetary travels of our hero.

The end title sequence features a cinematic CG fly through of the cosmos. In-house created typography animates as we journey through nebulas and intergalactic space. Visually, we treated the sequence to feature a thunderous juddering, while lightning bolts sporadically blast across the frame, direct parallels to the Norse God’s powers.

End Title Sequence


Process Frames