Richard Loncraine / Universal Pictures


Prologue’s opening title sequence for Wimbledon offered an easy opportunity to create a light-hearted, memorable sequence for the romantic comedy film centered around a tennis tournament. Prologue embraced the tennis setting and used a sound effect of a ricocheting ball to sync the introduction of each new title. Each title is mirrored on opposite sides of the frame, to replicate the experience of a tennis match and following a ball fly across one side of the court to the other. This method of synchronization is continued when still photos of onlooking fans is introduced into the sequences. The photos change as the ball sound effect is played, and the fans change their focus from one side of the court to the other. The sequence transitions from the titles through a 3D animation custom-made by Prologue of a tennis ball flying into the screen and into the start of the film.

Main Title


"Two sexy actors, the suspense of the game and a happy ending, not to mention a charming title sequence – the only thing missing from this formula is a hit song."

− Fast Forward Weekly