Jon Favreau


Prologue created a highly interactive opening title sequence for Zathura, a film about a board-game that comes to life. Many of the titles come to life in the sequence by interacting with the live action footage. Letters are bounced off screen by fast moving tracks, titles disappear being spinning gears, and space ball graphics collide with the typography, causing them to split across the frame. Prologue created al the title animations for this sequence, in addition to shooting the live action of the board game in action. This sequence, combined with graphic animations, establishes the Zathura’s ability to interact with elements beyond it’s control, and through high-contrast lighting, introduces a bit of mystery about the board game itself.

Main Title


"The opening credits of Zathura are closeups of an old science-fiction board game, a game that should have existed in real life and specifically in my childhood, but which was created for this movie. In these days of high-tech video games, it's remarkable that kids once got incredibly thrilled while pushing little metal racing cars around a cardboard track: The toy car was yours, and you invested it with importance and enhanced it with fantasy and pitied it because it was small, like you were."

− Roger Ebert

"The film begins with one of the most creative title sequences of the year. Favreau’s camera zooms in, around, and through the movie’s titular game, racing across the mechanical board like a rocket, and making the metal and cardboard device itself look as though it has come wonderfully alive. Silly and simple though that short bit of credits may be, it’ll make you feel like a kid again."

− Joshua Tyler, Cinema Blend

"The opening titles aren’t from an unfinished effects reel. The hues threw me off for a second but, no… the title sequence sets an expectation for Buck Rogers-style adventure."

− Cinemalogue