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Zoolander 2’s teaser tasked Prologue with creating a fly through deep space, the birth of the universe, and then, through Derek Zoolander’s brain and out of his ear while making absurd references to the previous film. Numerous scripts were considered by Prologue and the filmmakers. Working off a description from longtime collaborator Ben Stiller, and a sketch from Justin Theroux, a complex storyboard and previsualization process ensued which utilized Maya, After Effects, Cinema 4D, and Nuke to imagine the intergalactic to molecular journey through Zoolander’s under populated brain..

Promotional Teaser


"All the shots inside of what we learn is Zoolander’s brain is chock full of references to the original movie, from orange mocha frappuccino to the vague sounds of “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood."

− Ethan Anderson, Slashfilm

"Zoolander 2 is a long way off but this offers some chuckles with more likely to come."

− Kinsey Lowe, Deadline

"The sequel is set for a 2016 release date, and the newly released first teaser offers fans a trip into the spacious mind of Derek Zealander."

− Molly Freeman, Screen Rant

"The teaser will have you pondering some of the universe's most difficult questions before Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) makes an appearance and asks the greatest question of all."

− Bill Bradley, Huffingtonpost

"The trailer begins with a voice-over from a speech synthesizer — clearly meant to evoke Stephen Hawking — that touches on the Big Bang and the wondrous universe it birthed, including, after billions of years, the magnificent human brain."

− Santa Sarkar, Polygon

"If you thought the first Zoolander 2 teaser was the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen, you're probably right."

− Mike Reyes, CinemaBlend

Process Frames